Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Death
Country: Greece
Label: GS Productions
Year: 2016

written by Kostas Gekas

This is the first official release of the Athenians Ocean of Grief, a new band in the field of Atmospheric Doom / Death, that formed in 2014 and presents itself with the EP ”Fortress Of My Dark Self”. Their journey to the dark path of grief begins with ”Spiritual Fortress”, and from the first few seconds of the song the band introduces you to a ritual with the keys ready to paint the atmosphere and with original beautiful riffs followed by a mid tempo pace, thoughtful lead melodies and mournful brutal vocals… Just great.

The next track is equally dynamic, as ”House Of Misery” forms gray images in the landscape of your mind, creating an abyss for the listener… At the same tempo as the previous one, with an amazing introduction with ”clean” guitar and the bowels of the earth gradually stretches skyward, culminating of course in the last half minute where the lead guitar loads its weapon. “Futile Regrets” and here Ocean Of Grief decide to rouse us a little bit increasing the speed. Here the influence by Slumber is crystal clear (huge band in its genre even though with just one record) but without influence there would be no music, am I right? The soul reaping in this piece continues…

… To get us to ”Drowned In Nostalgia” which, judging by its title, you can imagine what’s its deal. Hell, dark, sadness… There is no place for the white light. It would be futile to say more… The EP closes with ”The Birth Of Chaos”, a track with changes in course since after its quick introduction with the galloping drums the rhythm drops to familiar doom / death paces (2:28 – 3:34 the funeral of the soul and personally speaking the best moment of the record; Ocean of Grief raise their greatest wave) and then again it increases its speed once more towards the end, where it ultimately leaves us.

Here comes the ocean… Cheers!!!