Genre: Melodic Doom/Death
Country : Greece
Label : Naturmacht Productions/Rain Without End Records
Year : 2018

Two years after their first attempt, the EP entitled ”Fortress Of My Dark Self”, the 6member act from Athens, Greece OCEAN OF GRIEF returns with a brilliant studio album named ”Nightfall’s Lament”. It seems that they are ready to conquer the dark world of Melodic Doom/Death scene carrying away on their back all of us, the supporters and lovers of the genre. As they have all the potential to do it, and fulfilling all the necessary prerequisites to enter the elite of melancholy and darkness, as they speak through their notes directly to the heart and mind of the listener. Tracks such as the opener and personal fav‘In Bleakness’, are capable of making you a big name in this specific genre. Mournful, bleak, in mid-slow tempo with well-tuned melodies on guitars and growling vocals, it makes black your inner-self as it sinks your thoughts in the dark.A true highlight ofthe album. An album that does not tire you in any way from the beginning to the end. From that point onwards, the ocean brings a lot more ‘funerals’, such as the heavy as fuck Eyes Of Oblivion, Fiend Of The Overlord and The Breeding Of Death, due to the more aggressive playing on the drums and to complete the blackjack frame, take “Mourning Over Memories”, “Painting My Sorrow” (the title says it all), “Release Of The Soul” and enjoy atmosphere, anger and above all the soul that the band puts in during these 46 minutes of duration.

P.S.Fans of DRACONIAN, SLUMBER, ENSHINE, OCTOBERTIDE will definitely love it.