Genre: Doom/Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Cruz Del Sur
Year: 2020

I was rather fascinated in 2018 when I discovered this German band “with equal parts of (galloping) Maiden and (chugging) Sabbath guitars to its influences creating a more than just interesting epic/doom album” as I was writing back then here in Metal Invader.  For those who might have missed them then, Old Mother Hell is a trio, hailing from Mannheim, Germany. The band was founded in 2015 and formed from the ashes of a thrash band called Hatchery. In this sophomore studio album from Cruz Del Sur, that turns into a leading lebel in this certain type of bands and sound, we are dealing with mainly mid-tempo compositions, monolithic sound, heavy guitars, melodic leads and emotional vocals from Bernd Wener. Wener’s vocals are top-notch and enhanced if we compare them with their debut, where he was excellent, still now he sounds more mature and almost tremendous! There’s an epic aura in the straight forward songs, even though I didn’t notice any epic reference in their lyrics, yet you will feel this epic breed in the air while the album plays. A must buy for all fans of heavy/doom and epic heavy metal in the veins of Solstice, Argus, Grand Magus, Twisted Tower Dire, Terminus, Battleroar, Visigoth, Solitude Aeternus and Atlantean Kodex. ‘Lord of Demise’ is the greatest proof that the underground will never die!!!