Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2020

Onslaught’s early era (1982-1991) would have been enough to put them into Pantheon of extreme sound forever. Their reunion had a reason so as they still been considered as the top of UK’s Thrash metal we have to keep an eye on them and their recent activity. The fact that they changed their singer the exact last minute should cause them serious trouble but fortunately Generation Antichrist is their best moment since 2004. The record was almost done and suddenly Keeler decided to leave the group and David Garnett was recruiting to wear Keeler’s shoes.

His voice has dirt that suits like a glove with Onslaught’s rough sound. Te lyrics are interesting and talk about modern issues reflecting of our times, but it’s the music itself that is the highlight of the album. We are dealing with some Thrash dynamites like “Strike Fast Strike Hard” and “Religiousuicide” with its razor-sharp guitars and a mid-tempo destruction like “Bow Down to the Clowns” and its characteristic tight sound, that makes the whole album in its entirety to have a perfect flow. The song “A Perfect Day To Die” is in the veins of Motorhead and makes the connection of the two eras, as it was seto to be released originally in 2019 but after Keeler’s departure this 2020 version has Garnett as its singer.

In the Japanese press of the album we can find a new recording of their (well-kept secret) classic “In Search of Sanity”. I know I will sound a bit but I think that “Generation Antichrist” is one of the best albums of genre in 2020. After all it is an album that shows Onslaught pretty strong and leading the way showing how Thrash is meant to be played in old ones and newbies.