Genre: Progressive Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label:Frontiers Records
Year: 2018

Before I start my review, let me make two things clear, 1) I am one of the biggest Queensryche fans and I believe that their first five albums are one of the best in the history of heavy metal. 2) Geoff Tate is the best singer ever and by far my favourite.

“New Reality” is the newest edition of a nightmare that started many years ago and has its roots at the time when Chris de Garmo left Queensryche. Then Geof Tate took over the musical direction and the outcome was that one bad album was coming after another, the culmination of it being “Dedicated To Chaos” which was his last, since the rest of the members fired him trying to save what they could.

A legal procedure about the name of Queensryche occurred, after which Geoff Tate continued his career with a new band whose name is immediately connected with Queensryche, since “Operation Mindcrime” is the title of the band’s most successful album and the connection is unavoidable. As, I believe, most Queensryche fans, so did I, followed the band hoping for a new start equivalent of the history and the name of Queensryche.

If you take out the first album “Frequency Unknown”, that has even a little bit of hard rock, the next two (“The Key”, “Resurrection”) are disappointing and their sound has nothing to do with heavy metal. “New Reality” comes to put the gravestone onto any hope we might have had that at some point we would listen to Geoff Tate in a real heavy metal album with vocals like the ones that made us love him. I really don’t know how to describe this album and I don’t know any genre that “New Reality’s” music could fit it.

Colourless, without any strength, with a big dose of electronic music, with mixes of the sound of different instruments that don’t fit well together and with Tate’s vocals always low, it tries to offer something new and different and it completely fails. The attempt to choose a song that stands out is a bad joke and because there is not much more to say about this album I will wrap it up with some questions I have concerning Operation Mindcrime and Geoff Tate.

Since you wanted to follow a different musical course, why did you insist on keeping the Queensryche moniker, whose music (at least the first five albums) is light years away from what Operation Mindcrime are playing? You can play whatever music you like, but why in the live performances you chose to play for the most part of them Queensryche songs and worst of all, you recently announced that you are going to play “Operation Mindcrime” for its 30th anniversary? My opinion about you as a singer does not change.