Genre: Psychedelic Black Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2020

Experimental masters Oranssi Pazuzu from Finland could never stop holding the scepter high. On the one hand, each and every effort of their is a step further musically than any of their predecessors. On the other hand, they are not afraid to push their limits to the point where it can not be tolerated anymore. As a result, each record contains elements that can either trouble an average classic black metal fan, or attract the attention of those who are easily tired and consider the extreme sound quite repetitive.

In “Mestarin kynsi”, which is the band’s fourth album in its 13 years of existence, all of the above are concentrated and make amends with Oranssi Pazuzu themselves as well as the fans, who have every right to be demanding towards the Fins. The album consists of 6 long tracks, none of which becoming boring at any moment, keeping the listener anticipating for what should follow. Complex compositions, with the bass and keyboards playing the leading role, something that basically requires a lot of courage for a band of the extreme sound to try, while psychedelia matches perfectly with the dark aesthetics of Oranssi Pazuzu. Based on the band’s latest album, “Värähtelijä”, I can’t say that there are any particular differences in structural part. However, in no case does “Mestarin kynsi” look like its predecessor, because the psychedelic elements are a little richer this time, rather than the stif and raw black metal vibes of the previous one.

Strictly suitable for any fan who longs for weird combinations and is tired as hell of listening the same things over and over.