Genre: Death Metal
Country: France
Label: Nihilistic Holocaust
Year: 2005

Ossuaire is the kind of band that was created to lurk in the shadows of the underground scene, with a handful of releases in the last fifteen years and a very modest, low key attitude to go with it. Entities like that obsess people with a passion for finding gems by lesser known artists, giving strength to the obscurity of the genre.

They were active for five years before releasing their first demo, “Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile” in 2005 and it took them another five years to release a full length album. Nihilistic Holocaust decided to fresh our memories on this short release as they went on to re-release the demo in CD format this year, nursing it’s artwork a little bit as well. “Le Troubadour…” runs at eighteen minutes with five compositions and it’s nothing but pure death metal filth of the vilest kind.

The introduction “L’Eveil des morts” is simplistic and works as a build up for the rest of the demo, with haunting sounds at the background in great connection with the following and seriously more scourging “Le troubadour necrophagéophile”. By now, the listener comes face to face with the ferocity of the band, which is based on it’s primitive sound and a musical structure that reminds of the Florida death metal scene of the early nineties.

“Le fléau” is my favorite track off the demo, mainly because of a middle part I find captivating, even though the rest of them are as crushing as this. The gnarly, throaty vocals are amazing, while the drum playing is satisfying but a bit wronged by the production in my opinion. “Le Troubadour…” talks about the tortures of medieval times and provides hideous death metal to support it’s claim.

Ossuaire throw one great riff after the other, along with cutting solos at various moments and they are very comfortable with playing fast paced parts as well as slower, Bolt Thrower-ish lines, compiling a more than decent effort. I liked how each track naturally gave way to the next (for example, from the penultimate “Necrofistum prima nocte” towards the last) and the overall musicianship and atmosphere it has. Nothing is beautiful or nice, it’s only barbarism and the worship of the demo is real.