Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Belgium
Label: Empire Records
Year :2015

Twenty eight years of absence and the band seems to continue from where it had stopped, even if the only original member now is Mario Pauwels. That’s because earlier this year, in January, Rudy ‘’Whiteshark’’ Vercruysee, passed away scattering sadness all over the metal community. May his soul rest in peace. Despite his sickness, he managed to take part in the recordings of this new EP, granting us some more of his magic before we lose him forever.

So, this new EP contains four brand new tracks of pure traditional heavy metal, four compositions that stand proud and worthily of the name of Ostrogoth in the glorious 80’s. Music written from real fans for real fans, straight from their heart! Huge riffs with melodic lead passings and a rhythm section that’s occasionally hammering you, composing an alloy of pure, serious heavy metal. Hindrix vocals personally persuade me, as he can maintain high notes where needed and has the passion that the tracks need. Same thing with Grizzly; he always stands there like a rock, with robust, clever and well played drums. The rest four tracks are the monumental 1983 EP Full moon’s eyes, played live, making this release more seductive.

I’m sure that Ostrogoth fans have already grabbed this new EP, as for the rest that aren’t affiliated with the band, better check the older releases asap and then get on “Last Tribe Standing” if you want to say that you are heavy metal fan. Otherwise reconsider your relation with the genre!

His spirit now leaves the earth
with its trouble and flies
up high in the clouds
the clouds

For Rudy guys! Never shall be forgotten!