Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Finland
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2018

Outlaw are coming from Finland, the mother of metal, but their sound is neither atmospheric, nor extreme. In any case, the Marauders’ cover reveals in all its cvltness that the band is mind and soul devoted to traditional old school metal, it brought in mind Samson’s Head On cover. Outlaw seem to have studied N.W.O.B.H.M. well and offer it to us through their own version and era. Taken as granted that we are talking about their debut album, it is a very good overall attempt that will make us watch them from now on, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon come at points in mind, especially in the twin solos and the more melodic parts of the songs. The only song on the album that strays away from that motif is the great Heroes of Telemark that has an epic aura of grandiosity. Something that differentiates them from a typical heavy metal band are Lee Anvel’s vocals, which are rough and emotional at the same time, a fact that could make him likeable to fans of US metal as well. A very good first attempt from Outlaw, friends of traditional, pure metal have to check it out!