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Outloud – Destination: Overdrive (The Best Of Outloud)

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: ROAR! Records
Country: Greece
Year: 2015

As it usually happens, when a band decides to turn a page in its career, it releases a best of album or a live record to keep in touch with its crowd and maintain a place in the news spot. From my point, since it’s a little bit difficult to expect a new record from Outloud sometime soon, so let’s indulge in the band’s best of release, in which a previously unreleased cover of “I’m so Excited” (originally performed by the Pointer Sisters) is included. A bold choice over a rather poser hymn, handled by the master Bob Katsionis.

This collection includes anything you can ask for. The “hits” from their entire discography are chosen carefully… “We Run”, “Isolation Game”, “I Was So Blind”, “A While To Go”, “Falling Rain”, etc. For those unfamiliar with the band, this collection is most suitable for you. Every song leaves its mark and shows the direction the band had in each record. For the last eight years, the band has managed to do some amazing stuff that are enviable by many other bands of the scene. If the circumstances were different, Outloud in America would have been huge. Should the band escape from that European hard rock style into a more modern one or one closer to the American standards, then things would be different. Only a few bands got the same talent and the open-mindedness as Outloud.