Genre: Heavy/Hard Rock
Country: Greece
Label: AOR Heaven
Year: 2014

Third album for Outloud of Bob Katsionis, who is at a musical orgasm and constantly writes much and excellent music, both as a solo artist and as a member of Outloud. Perhaps the best and most commercial album, with inspirational, memorable songs, incredible playing, instrumentally and vocally, where Chandler gives again his best, with Tommy Hansen behind the console to guarantee the perfect sound.

The big highlight is the amazing drumming of George Kollias (Nile), that boosts the tracks to a higher level. The participation of Foivos (famous greek pop songwritter) in the track ‘One More Time’ is probably unnecessary, because the song, is a simple, standard pop / hard rock song, like the ones he composes for other greek pop stars. Anyway, the song ‘Let’s Get Serious’, although it is an instrumental, it is the best of the album. An exhilarating album, that closes with a great cover for ‘Enola Gay’ by Orchestral Manoeuvres ln The Dark band.

The fans of good melodic hard n ‘heavy music will find their paradise.