Genre: Heavy /Thrash Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2014

I really hope that there isn’t anyone among you left, who still thinks that Overkill can put out an LP as good as “Taking Over” again. Oh, there is? Well, I can kindly wait for you to exit the hall so I can continue….Good, now, to those of you still reading listen up.

This is not a bad LP in any case. The band honors its name by being as furious as a hooligan in a soccer game. Bobby spills his guts on the “mike” proving that he IS the “working class thrash metal hero” making his fellow country colleagues (I bet you know the ones I refer to) sound exactly as they are: tired ,laid back business men. But what is missing is THE one classic song.

All songs are good but not astonishing. The tracks that stand out for me are “Freedom rings” while “Where there’s smoke” is a speed metal menace that will cause massacre if played live but in no way can it be compared classics like “Deny The Cross” or “Hammerhead” for example.

To sum up the LP gave me the impression I was kinda excepting, that of a historical band still putting out decent records but nothing more than dissent.