Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Massacre Records
Year: 2020

Thankfully most of our readers have a great collection of records still buying vinyls and cds, wearing their beloved band t-shirts and going on concerts (ok, besides covid-19 and the lock down)…All I wanna say is that our readers -like us- share a common metal culture that includes knowing our music’s glorious past and it’s unsung heroes. So the moniker Oz did ring many (hell’s bells) to most of you before reading the review. Finland’s Heavy Metal heroes of the 80’s after their long hiatus, they have return for good and after ten years since their come back, here we are dealing with their 8th studio album and probably their strongest release since 2010. The songwriting is brilliant, the performance is like we hear 25 years old guys trying to bite our throats on their way to the top and the production is crystal clear…something I personally don’t like a lot but still it helps all instruments to shine and since it doesn’t effect on how hostile or full of energy and passion the songs sound, it’s ok with me in the end. Highlights : “The Ritual”, “Prison of Time”, “Kingdom of War” –bonus track- and “Goin’ Down”. An album highly recommended for Judas Priest, Accept and (yes even) W.A.S.P. die-hards.