Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Sony Music

Year: 2022
A while ago, it was released on the internet a photo that showed Ozzy struggling to walk! He looked very tired due to his age and Parkinson. But you listen his new album and listen to a man who sings with gusto and liveliness and really enjoys it. Ozzy is definetely in a category by himself, both in purely musical matters and in general. It is touching that at the age of 73 and without having to prove anything to anyone and with all the objective difficulties that surround him, he finds the mental reserves for one more studio release. In his personal carrer, he is not used to simply making impressive moves. Everything on the new album is extremely professional once again. He prefers once again not to record with a fixed line  – up but with top musical guests. Some of them are Jeff Beck, Tony Iommi, Zakk Wylde, Eric Clapton and Mike McCready. Everyone gives his own musical imprint, especially Zakk Wylde with his characteristic playing and Tony Iommi that combined with Ozzy’s voice makes the Black Sabbath associations seem inevitable. There are instant classic like “Patient Number 9” and “One of Those Days” but there are also songs that develop their value with more listens, like “A Thousand Shades” and “Degradation Rules”. It would be wrong to compare “Patient Number 9” with Ozzy’s first records, for obvious reasons. However, overall is better than “Ordinary Man” which had some classic songs. If i said that we are just lucky that in 2022 we have a new release from Ozzy, i would try to induce doses of nostalgia. But “Patient Number 9” has an independent musical value and makes us deal with Prince of Darkness for the right reasons.