Genre: Death metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Cyclone Empire
Year: 2014

These badass dudes have been active for the last 20 years, so they have decided to celebrate it with a release of a two – disc, best – of collection.

Not much to be said on that matter, since it’s a “best of collection”. After a little research I found out that the title “Terminal Grip” is actually the band’s first name, before they change it into “Paganizer”, although many of you may not be interested in such details. All of the band’s hit of over 2 decades are included in this collection. Approximately 2 – 2 and a half hour of music. This collection consists of 46 tracks, and I honestly think nobody will be dissatisfied.

The first cd is full of those tracks that the band beloveds. To be precise the tracklist consists of songs that the band itself likes the most, not the ones the audience distinguishes or the ones frequently performed in concerts. As far as the second disc is concerned, it includes has several interesting pieces including rare demo tracks , unpublished songs, songs from splits, mini cds, EPs, etc. Additionally, there are 2 songs from their first demo re-recorded. As far as I know, there is also footage from the band’s history, information, notes, lots of photos and all that kinds of stuff in the booklet.

Although it is a little bit strange for a death metal band to release a “best of” collection, this one will surely satisfy all the fans of the band, and it is especially handy for those who would like to purchase in a one single release all the best songs of the band, without having to buy their entire catalogue. Even though I am not a huge fan, I quite enjoyed the collection. I am not familiar with which sons are the mostly known ones or in which individual release they are on, nonetheless, I am definitely satisfied with the extensive number of the tracks and all the material in general. Although some may think that releasing the band’s favorite tracks and not the ones the audience loves was a rather poor choice and make them dubious on whether to purchase it or not trust me on this one, it is very thoughtful completion and the tracks themselves kick ass!

Concerning the “rate” for this one, I don’t know how to proceed rating a “best of collection”, but since I liked it in overall, I will evaluate it with a (the beautiful cover is a plus).