Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2017

Sometimes I really wonder if anyone gives a shit about the scoring or on the other hand if everyone just looks how much we rate an album and if he or she sees a ‘interesting’ score then starts on reading the text…anyway… Pänzer is the fun super group that Nuclear Blast Records made a couple of years back featuring members of Accept and Destruction and sounded…well like the perfect mixture of these 2 mega bands. Their debut was a strong release that any fan of Accept, Judas Priest and Destruction found something interesting in it. Two years later the sophomore album by the band finds Schmier and Stefan Schwarzmann without ex-ACCEPT’s Herman Frank (that focuses on his solo project album) but still angry and with a plethora of good ideas on their arsenal. The two new members are: Pontus Norgren, lead guitarist at Hammerfall, and producer / musician, V.O. Pulver that you may have recognized his name from the cult thrashers Poltergeist. There’s nothing innovating or something that will surprise you here. As in ‘Send Them All To Hell’ there’s pure heavy metal, raw thrash aggression mixed with Teutonic, melodic and powerful guitars. The songs are well written and definitely worked, with full energy and a menacing vibe. The sound is polished with modern production and totally guitar-driven. The twin guitars have a variety of tempos and balance between ferocious thrash riffs and mid tempo galloping classic metal rhythm. The solos are frenetic and holding the listener’s attention while Schmier’s performance is almost excellent, same as the lyrics that are 100% political and have a food- for-thought approaching for the listener. Stand out moments are: ‘Satan’s Hollow’, ‘Mistaken’, ‘We Can Not Be Silenced’, the title track and ‘Afflicted’. Only for the fanatics of Accept and Destruction and the very few that miss Headhunter…