Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Testimony Records
Year: 2018

Thrash metal was born and grew gigantic in the 80’s, experimented and declined in the 90’s and came back in the 00’s. This return was made around two axes, one was the forming of many new bands and the other one was that some of the old ones returned with very strong releases. Since then a long time has passed and the youngsters have toured and recorded a lot, we could maybe even talk about a second generation of thrash revival bands. Germany is not in the forefront, as it used to be, but for sure it is a basic force in Europe on that particular sound. Panzer Squad is one of its children, being active since 2012. As a proper thrash band that has some respect, they released demos and splits before their first full length album in 2016. Here we are talking about last year’s, second full length with the appropriate title, Ruins. Appropriate as far as the sounding result goes, which is thrash metal to the bone without unnecessary touches. The Teutonic character is not recognizable from the go, but for sure there is a certain rawness in the sound and the concept. Their riffology should bring to mind Sodom and Destruction, but at times also nods at non Europeans, like the gods Whiplash. The song writing approach is old school through and through, as is the production which is far from anything plastic, while all the songs are short in duration. Nevertheless, there is a variety of tempos in all songs and that helps in keeping the album solid and not tiring, while maintaining its dynamics. The vocals are closer to death metal, a fact that creates a more morbid atmosphere. Panzer Squad have made their homework and know exactly what they want to play. They honour their roots and their heroes and they don’t ask for any medal of innovation, which does from the new bands anyway? Ruins may address only to old school thrash metal fans, but it has all the ingredients to satisfy them adequately.