Genre: Death/Doom
Country: England
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2021

During 2020 concerts were paused all over the planet so some bands gave us the chance to get a short, virtual fix of stage experience through live streamings. Some thought it was a terrible idea, while some others treated their sweet tooth in the best way possible – with new, exclusive performances from the bands they love.

Paradise Lost could not stay away from the latter category. A considerably huge band since the 90’s, the Brits are known for their frequent live presence in the stages of the world and no one could ever deny them. Recorded in November 5th, 2020, at The Mill Nightclub near the band’s hometown in Yorkshire, England, Paradise Lost gave one regular show, just like they would do at a stage near you. For less than 90 minutes, Paradise Lost gave a plain performance of fan favorites, as well as including in their setlist songs that made it out of their latest album “Obsidian”, with which they did not have the chance yet to tour the globe. It doesn’t even matter when it comes to them, whether their live performances are what we call “fancy”. There is nothing great to see, visually, but experiencing the sorrow through their music is definitely something not all bands can deliver. “Obsidian”, “Icon” and “In Requiem” were the protagonists of the particular night, but the band managed to cover up a huge spectrum of their discography within this performance. Something definitely worth of listening, especially if you’re a freak that enjoys live performances more than the studio ones!

Can’t definitely wait for their next Athenian show.