Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal
Country: Γερμανία
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2021

It’s not a first when a band revisits a classic title and embodying it to a later release. There’s always though a price to pay. On the one hand, the album to be released will instantly draw more attention due to the title. On the other hand, comparison will be inevitable, which may be not in favor of the new material. “Heresy” is a top notch speed / thrash metal release. Sure not a shooting star though, as other very good records have also been released through the years that came. Still, “Heresy” will always stand out, as their peak moment. Once you deal with it, you ‘re ready to listen to “Heresy II End of a Legend”. Not a far cry realizing that this is the most ambitious Paradox project up to this day. 13 compositions spread in 75 minutes of music. It’s easy to tell that the band worked hard to come up with such a result. In total, a record worthy to pay attention to, as few hearings are not enough to get all the feedback in it. A little bit longer than expected though. But even so, they have managed to release a solid album. Guitars are a blast. Paradox’s trademark sound is present, combining roughness and melody. The band always had the ability to perfectly match speed / thrash attitude with power glimpses. “Heresy II End of a Legend” will earn your attention; you should totally give it a try!