Genre: Power Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Remedy Records
Year: 2016

Teutonic Power/Heavy Metal; a music genre that has been loved more than any other genre in Greece! Of course, we’re not living n the 90s, nor Gama Ray are superstars, nor does anyone patiently waits for Blind Guardian to release a new blockbuster record (despite the fact that their concerts here are most of the times sold out). Paragon are once again consistent with their record releases, by releasing their latest 12th record in 22 years of career. Although signing with Massacre and Napalm never brought commercial success, the Germans went back to the record label with which they released their best albums yet (Remedy Records) and with a good amount of confidence, they do what they do best. You might wonder, why should you add this album to your record collection and that’s actually a tough question to answer adequately. You see, “Hell Beyond Hell” is on one hand magnificent, on the other hand over-played (on a general level). The album’s final rank comes after a long consideration of the year of release. The same album would have been ranked differently in 1996. “Stand Your Ground”, “Rising Forces” and “Meat Train” are amazing tracks, but are unable to be as groundbreaking as “Rebellion”. That’s probably the point where Paragon are losing ground; they need that / those hit / hits that’ll rocket them. Fans of Grave Digger, Iron Saviour and UDO know these guys and show their appreciation for 22 years now. The rest of you, give ‘em a go! They might awake intense teenager memories…