Daring Veins from Larisa took the stage firstly – with an astonishing female singer – and their music style was a mix of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. They performed at their best which definitely pleased the few attendants, at the time, and it was the ideal band to start the night’s performances.

Setlist: You Will Love Then Again, Avenue Fear, Inside Them, Send The Shine To Me, Let’s Shout Together, In The Middle Of The Day, Sinfoldays On My Mind, You Would Do Anything To Leave.

Murder Angels followed (also from Larisa) and after ‘transforming’ the stage scene, they began to play their own tracks, that triggered a series of headbanging among the crowd. Moreover, some 30 die-hard band fans appeared and really cheered the band up. A wonderful combination of thrash/heavy is the band’s trademark and the crowd really enjoyed it (the band as well), despite some technical sound issues. Ιn addition, a cover for the ‘Aggressive Perfector’ by Slayer blew everybody’s mind. Murder Angels are in the beginning of their career and we hope that they continue the hard work, in order to leave their mark on the Thrash scene.

Setlist: Black Lightning, Enter The Night, War In The Streets, Aggressive Perfector, Blood Fields, Haunted by Darkness, Sworn In Blasphemy (S.I.B.), Murder Angels

In the meantime more and more metalheads were arriving upon Pandora’s Box performance. From the very first minutes the band show their inclination towards progressive/melodic metal and Savatage’s style. During their performance they seemed well-prepared and disciplined and they played their own songs along with a number of covers such as Rainbow’s ‘Stargazer’, Savatage’s ‘Gutter Ballet’ (of course) and Iron Maiden’s ‘Be Quick Or Be Dead’. That farewell song cheered everybody up and was the ideal pass for the next band (Sorrowful Angels).

Setlist: Friday 13th (Intro), Preface, Into My Eyes, Last Time, Stargazer, Crimes Of Love, Gutter Ballet, Fortuneteller, Revenge, Be Quick Or Be Dead

Prior to Paul Di’ Anno’s performance, Sorrowful Angels appeared on stage with a dual role. Initially they performed their own tracks and later on became Paul Di’ Anno’s band. It was not the first time that I would attend a gig from them (last time was a couple of years ago when they played with Katatonia, Sirenia & Daylight Misery), so I knew more or less what to expect. Unfortunately, due to technical issues they were forced to reduce the length of their setlist. When these issues were solved, they began to play songs from their two albums “Ship in Your Trip” & “Omens.” Their new bassist is obvious a fan of Steve Harris, with the West Ham United’s badge sealed on his bass guitar as well. Their style was slightly different from the previous bands being more Gothic, but nevertheless melodic. Another great performance from the Athenian band which truly adds to their reputation as one of the country’s best in that specific genre.

Setlist: Unspeakable Cult, Right of Way, Omens, Denial Live report for the performances of Daring Veins, Murder Angels, Pandora’s Box & Sorrowful Angels by Vaggelis Chasiotis.

On my way to the concert I was constantly wondering whether this 56 year-old wolf could still rock with this unique voice he used to have back in the 80’s. Could he still perform with the same energy and passion? Is there still somewhere deep inside a Beast waiting to jump out on stage and meet the expectations of every loyal and demanding fan? The tour’s name was “Beast Over Greece” and we already knew that he was going to perform songs mostly from his old “pack”.

The clock was pointing 11:15 when Sorrowful Angels called Paul Di’Anno’s name as the upcoming performer on stage. After almost 10 minutes he showed up, standing next to the stage obviously nervous (every time is the first time), cheering up the rest of the band as an original old school metalhead frontman. A bottle of JD was placed next to Paul’s spot and everything was set. At 11:25 Sorrowful Angels took the stage hitting the first notes of Sanctuary and blowing up the crowd. Paul stepped up to the scene, with some assistance which made us wonder whether he would make it through the night or not, but soon after this amazing voice came up, you knew that the night was going to be a one that you would remember. The second song (Purgatory), which was and their best moment (in my opinion), made the crowd go crazy and everybody was singing and dancing throughout the whole song. Of course, there were references to his favourite sport (football) and Spain’s defeat that cost him money. During the concert he was always trying to encourage the crowd to participate more and more. “Wrathchild”, “Marshall Lockjaw”, “Prowler”, “Murders in the Rue Morgue”, “Genghis Khan”, “The Beast Arises”, “Children of Madness”, “Charlotte the Harlot”, “Killers” and “Phantom of the Opera” were the following tracks, whilst the song “Running Free” blew everybody’s mind….. The lights turned off, the stage was empty and suddenly we heard a voice saying: ‘play the fucking song.’ Sorrowful Angels were back on stage, the guitars were screaming to the rhythm of “Transylvania” and Paul Di’Anno approached the crowd, became one of them and singed “Blitzkrieg Bop” to end the bloody fucking night.

Overall: The live took place in a very nice spot named “Larissa Sport Center” and more than 300 metal fans attended it. The crowd was amazing, actively participating and motivating the band to perform at their best! There were some issues with the sound, which was not obviously the best we could get, but the overall feeling was good. Sorrowful Angels played Iron Maiden’s and Paul Di’Anno’s songs exactly as they should be played; with discipline and respect (of course they added their own touch of feeling in the songs), that’s why I can say that it was the right band for the right job. Last but not least, Paul. Yes, I can still see the beast inside him. He put a lot of effort for a good result and performed with pride and honour. His powerful voice makes you anticipate what is coming next and when it finally comes makes you feel “shell shocked.” A great voice from a great singer (the beast was wounded due to his leg issues, but can still fight like hell). The hospitality from the organizers was great, they were willing to provide anything needed.

Price for Value: Ok, I think paying 10€ for a 5 band show it’s at least ridiculous! Now if you consider that Sorrowful Angels, Pandora’s Box and Murder Angels could act on their own in an individual live adding Paul Di’Anno’s name makes it golden price!

Plus: Sorrowful Angels and Paul was the perfect combination. Low price ticket, nice stage, great crowd, easy access.

Minus: The sound wasn’t as good as it could be. Attendance could be higher.