Genre: Symphonic/Progressive Power Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Unsigned/independent
Year: 2016

Pellek is one of the best new bands that exist today in the Heavy metal genre. Formed in 2013, Per Fredrik Asly (Pellek) is the dominant composer and singer of the group. Pellek is an amazing musician-composer and a unique voice; one who stands out so strongly in the field, a tireless creator, an inexhaustible source of inspiration that in such a short time has already released four albums with Pellek, two albums on vocals with Damnation Angel and 24 albums with covers of different genres (Heavy, Rock, Jazz, Pop, etc.) with great success. “A Marvelous Method Of Reclusion” is the 4th album and comes after an album (“Cloud Dancers”) which in my opinion was one of the best releases of 2014. With the first hearing, you understand that you are dealing with a different album from the previous one; an album with purely progressive direction, something that you realize with the first song “The Path Of Reclusion”, a greatly atmospheric and melodic song. Even “Master of Reclusion” that closes the album is great. With a tempo that sticks in mind and a magical guitar solo in “I Know You Don’t Know” together with “Wispers” the album exudes a mystery essence in its sound. The metal ballad “All That I Am”, could be described as the top track of the album. Even the instrumental track “Intermezzo” is one of the best that I have heard, albeit rarely I listen to something without vocals. Pellek, surrounded by amazing musicians (especially guitarist Patrick Fallang) manages to once again give us something different of the ordinary. I recommend you to listen to the three previous albums before listening to this one. You may discover a new favorite band.