Genre: Rock/Progressive/Alternative
Country: Sweden
Label: Despotz Records
Year: 2021

Per Wiberg is a Swede multi-instrumentalist and well known to metal audience as the former Opeth keyboardist (2005-2011) or as a session one in Candlemass and Arch Enemy and even earlier as for many years was Spiritual Beggars’ keyboardist (2000-2016) and retro-rockers Kamchatka (2011-present) and King Hobo (2005-present), that released two years ago his first solo album, entitled “Head Without Eyes”. His debut was a solid record that could be described as dark mixture of rock and garage with many stoner elements. Now Per Wiberg with (only )the help of drummer Tor Sjödén (New Keepers of the Water Towers), is back with a new EP with a long long title -that actually is given by adding all its four songs titles end to end-: ‘All Is Well In The Land Of The Living But For The Rest Of Us… Lights Out’. The EP has top notch compositions while its writing formula remains simple in a lazy structure full of loops, yet its strong card is the dark hypnotic atmosphere. ‘All Is Well’ that opens the EP, is a rather minimalistic track as Wiberg uses only down tuned acoustic guitar, electronic effects and a soft piano besides his voice. ‘In The Land Of The Living’ that follows is a 7 minute long stoner rock song that flirts with 70’s space rock, as it’s like Hawkwind writing a song, probably without the drugs. ‘But For The Rest Of Us’, the only instrumental track, is more like coming from his debut. A wicked, sick vibe with pessimistic piano creating an almost frightening atmosphere that we can find in horror movies. I believe that is the song that characterizes the whole EP in its entirety and suits perfectly with its (perfect) artwork cover that brings in mind posters from 70’s horror movies or something. The EP closes with, ‘Light Outs’, that leaves a sweet smile on the listener with its progressive approaching. Whoever likes Ulver, Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd can find a really nice release to buy on Per Wiberg’s sophomore effort.