Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: MDD Records
Year: 2020

A decade ago, when “Call to War” was originally released I was convinced that Pessimist had the whole-package for a great career. “Death from Above” that came 3 years later proved that I was almost right. But unfortunately, it was somewhere that time that bad luck hit their door and 3/5 band’s members abandon their ship and seemed that Pessimist lost the momentum for another, third, successful album. So, it was no earlier than 7 years after that their 3rd album arrived to our hands. Entitled “Holdout” their new album finds the band out of the spotlight. But if we look carefully and focus only on music, we will find a band that may have only its singer and its lead guitarist as its founding members, yet the question is if they managed to keep their characteristic sound. And yes, they did so.  And this is something that you can listen from the very first moment of the album. Pessimist have embraced and truly comprehend the old school teutonic Thrash sound that can easily deliver it so convincingly to their listeners. Their main influences are still early Kreator and Sodom, something that makes them sound raw and rough. They even try to write more lengthy songs and they manage to keep the interest of the listener undiminished without exhausting him/her. They have the ability of good song writing they are great instrumentalists and they sound like a well-oiled jaw machine. “Holdout” is well crafted, and delivers their bestial inner self in full detail. I don’t know if they can win back the time they lost, what  I know is that with their new album they will definitely satisfy once again fans of old school teutonic Thrash Metal.