Genre: Death Metal
Country: The Netherlands
Label: Hammerheart
Year: 2018

Never say never… I don’t get wiser as I grow old, and mainly due to my stubbornness, I rarely give a second chance. Pestilence used to be one of my favorite death metal bands when I was starting to explore the genre’s legacy as a teenager. “Consuming Impulse” and “Testimony of The Ancients” were monumental to me. Unfortunately, the follow-up albums were embarrassing (politely speaking – exception is “Spheres”), especially for a big name such as Pestilence. I was disappointed, and many fans were as well. Today, at year 2018, Pestilence make their great return (as many legendary names have during the last years: (Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Incantation and more), and this return has a name, “Hadeon”.

Nobody really believed that Pestilence had any more arrows on their quiver, or anything special left to offer. ”Hadeon” is the answer to all our insults and disbelief. Pure fucking intelligent death metal, the old school way Mr. Mameli has known through the decades. An album which is the logical continuation of the great “Spheres” back in 1993 (it is true, that was the last time we heard an excellent album from them). Clever song-writing, I must admit. The album includes eleven tracks plus two instrumental intros: the oriental “Unholy Transcript” which is the album’s opening track, and “Subvisions” with the beautiful bass solo. All eleven songs are great, having the unique sound the band is known for. Mostly short in length (no song is more than four minutes long), all tracks sound like whistling bullets in our ears and bring the desire to listen to them again and again. I can isolate no highlights, as the whole album is a highlight by itself. I would like to say that ”Ultra Demons” reminds me of Cynic (and with a smile on my face). Riffing is great, rhythm section is also great, and guitar leads have a purpose and are not just for effect. Sound production is very good, as the mix was made by Cristian Moos (Ancient Rites, Delain, Avulsed and more), and the mastering by death metal pioneer Dan Swanö. The artwork is also impressive, and responsible for this is Michal Loranc (Kamelot, Nile, Evocation and more).

I admit my mistake of being too strict on Pestilence, but at least now I enjoy the luxury of listening at “Hadeon” again and again. Why don’t you try to do the same? There is certainly a good reason to.

5 /6