Genre: Power Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Cruz del Sur Music
Year: 2021

Pharaoh always had a story to tell. Checking out their line up immediately you realize that we‘re dealing with musicians who have been through a lot to get where they stand today, having joined various widely acknowledged American Metal bands on the way.

Great line up isn’t the only thing to be counted. Band’s second album, famous back in 2006, “The Longest Night”, had rocked the boat of the American underground Power Metal scene, becoming a trademark, and best seller of an entire label.

Over the years the band gathered a small – or rather a larger – fan base, raising the expectations for more material similar to “The Longest Night”. Nine years after their last album, they return with their third post- Longest period record.

The pattern is the same. Thus we step once again into American Power Metal including forms of nowadays, without though abstaining from their roots. Heavy Metal references are more than obvious, worth remembering for their pompous character – making you sign along. We also have some European elements here and there, given with the necessary guitars’ complexity that was and continues to be band’s trademark. Plenty of lead tunes and duals, variety in riffing and shiny solos can be found in abundance. Guitar pleasure once again? Surely it is.

Album’s material flows pleasantly. Tim Aymar shows off his vocal skills, still rocking the floor (doing so since 1985 with 313 – respect!). The album is to be played again and again.
The sign is definitely positive; the band seems feeling safe and sound, with an album that could be described as a “decent comeback”.

“The Longest Night” is still their top notch album, although I believe that if they remain active on songwriting level, they could reach Longest or go ever further on this one.