Phase Reverse - Phase III: Youniverse

Genre: Hard Rock/Groove
Country: Greece
Label: ROAR Records
Year: 2015

It’s the third effort of Phase Reverse after their self – titled release and “Phase II: …  And man created God”. The Athenians get better and better as time passes, adorning each of their efforts with even more personal touches. They’re not running still. On the contrary, they keep moving forward day by day. The changes that have taken place all these years, from the band’s beginning until now, have created some significant musical differences within their three releases, but on the other hand, the changes have led their ship to sail into  newer and fresher winds and once more, this feeling is evident here. “Youniverse” begins with an amazing track that may be the record’s best one entitled “Downfall”, which is an example of the musical evolution this release has been stigmatized with. As it seems, the bonds that tied the band with that wannabe – Zakk – Wylde feeling are finally cut off, without this meaning though that the influences have changed as well… As the band itself states, they like playing ”Southern European Pentatonic Heavy Metal”, which means that BLS’s and DOWN’s spirit will always lead the band and its compositions. The levels have been set higher and tracks like the groovy and incredibly heavy “Youniverse” and “Thrill Of It All”, the catcy and dancy “Whistle Pig”, the could-be-soundtrack of Sons of Anarchy “Keep My Motor Running”, the nostalgic “Time Reverses Time” create a mood of 55 – minutes – long American feeling, that boosts up our mood and makes us raise our beer bottles!


written by Kostas Gekas