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The rising record company ROAR! Rock of Angels Records, has just announced its cooperation with the Greek southern heavy metallers PHASE REVERSE, for the release of their third full length album, which will be titled “Phase III: Youniverse” and which will be available on October 16th  in Greece and November 6th in the rest of Europe.

The production curated the band itself and in particular the guitarist John “Chief” Stergiou, known for his collaborations with Nighstalker, Deus Ex Machina, Earthbound and other local heroes, while the excellent illustrated artwork is a creation of Vangelis Petika (Revolver Design ).

Tracklist of the album is as follows:

  1. Downfall
  2. Theory of Strain
  3. Milgram
  4. Youniverse
  5. Moiroloi
  6. Acheron’s Deep
  7. Thrill of it All
  8. Whistle Pig
  9. Keep my Motor Running
  10. WTF
  11. Time Reverses Time
  12. Synesthesia

Stay Tuned!