Genre: Rock
Country: Wales
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2019

Phil Campbell returns and we’re sooo gonna hear him roar. “Old Lions Still Roar” is essentially his first solo album, since the “Age of Absurdity”, which was released in 2017 had the signature of both him and his “Bastards Sons”, with whom they came to Greece in September 2018 and gave one of the most unforgettable and emotionally charged live performances we’ve ever seen. The legendary Motorhead guitarist, in his new release, brings out his more blues rock-ish side, leaving behind the speedy rock ‘n’ roll he played with Lemmy, as well as the heavy metal sound of Persian Risk. He gathered some of his old pals as well, Dee Snider, Rob Halford and Mark King of Level 42, and they all prove that they are still here, alive, kicking and bringing out their best side on stage. This record had started by Campbell somewhere back in 1999. It is, in fact, a tribute to every great rock ‘n’ roll figure who has ever been on this planet, from the music’s dawn until today. Not bad at all, especially for the older ones, or at least those who enjoy an older sound with a bluesy tone. But if you look for the metal element, you won’t find that much here.