Phoenix & Dragon - Of Myth & Metal E.P / The Ghost Town Sessions Demo

Phoenix & Dragon – Of Myth & Metal E.P / The Ghost Town Sessions Demo

Genre: Symphonic/Progressive Power Metal
Country: United States
Label: Self – released
Year: 2013 / 2015

If you like symphonic metal, if you have managed to hear every mediocre Euro-power metal album and had wet dreams about your successful execution of the solos of your favorite American progressive virtuoso-masturbators of the six string, i got good news for you. Listen to the material of Phoenix & Dragon and you may have found the new band that will accompany the endless hours of playing dungeons and dragons with your friends.

The band from Arizona began its symphonic journey in 2005 and toured mainly as an instrumental band until 2014 when Danny Aiello took his place behind the microphone. They released an EP in 2013 (Of Myth And Metal) which included four compositions of which the first was Instrumental. Regarding the content of the EP, we are dealing with the well-known,  uninspired, full of funny keyboard parts, fast guitars without substance and awful (really awful..) drum machine, power metal, with vocals reminding of Dream Theater. Teddy Arunski is a great guitar player, i can give him that but it’s pointless from the moment you realize that they don’t know how to compose a decent song. The childish melodies and funny song structure throws away any goodwill one has in order to take seriously into consideration the work of the Americans.


In the demo of 2015 (The Ghost Town Sessions) things look a little better … I’m kidding, same shit also applies here. The first track “Alchemaic Sorcery” with the piano introduction and medieval aesthetics evolves into a mid-tempo crap track with tons of keyboards and uninspired solos. In the end they surpass themselves (with us struggling not to sleep from boredom) in the eleven minute instrumental “Through The Fields Of Perdition” which although contains some good ideas, fails miserably in maintaining the interest of the listener.

Listening to a demo like “The Ghost Town Sessions” from a band that already counts ten years in the scene, anyone can realize that there is obviously no hope for them. Good night and good luck gentlemen.

0,5 / 6