Genre: Grindcore
Country: Greece
Label: D.I.Y
Year: 2015

A few days ago I had the chance to talk with Pigskinner. To be precise I interviewed Giannis, since we’re dealing with a project that consists of just one person. “Leech” is Pigskinner’s debut record and consists of 15 tracks. Don’t get scared! They’re not 3 or 4 minutes long! All the tracks last for about two minutes (!!!). Within these tracks you will find groove and toupa-toupa. I really enjoyed the guitar ideas, as there are some moments inside Pigskinner’s chaos that melody prevails. What I liked most were the vocals. It’s Pigskinner, isn’t it? Then pig squeals is what you’ll get! Pigskinner’s music is difficult and quite noisy for many, since we’re dealing with grindcore, but those who dig the extreme sound should definitely check them out. If you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee along the way, then be prepared to listen to the record 2 or 3 times!

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