Genre: Death Metal, Gore-Deathgrind, Deathgrind
Country: Czech Republic
Label: Bizarre Leprous Production
Release: August 2020

Czech Death – Grind legends Pigsty shook the waters last August, by releasing their first album in 11 years, entitled “Pig Blood”. The band’s forth full length record runs for almost 30 minutes and it’s worth the wait. It’s a straight-forward album, an aggressive, massively heavy and low tuned wall of sound, that eventhough it’s not groundbreaking, it’s highly sophisticated. The tracks got multiple layers, following the traditional Death – Grind compositions, however they’re embellished with orchestral contrasts, almost Symphonic Blackened Death passages, absolutely masterful synth backgrounds and a variety of deep and guttural vocals. The list goes on with references, samples and fragments of the score taken off of the 1976 classic horror film “The Omen”; not only Pigsty mix – most of the times chaotically – those fragments with their own compositions, but have incorporated most of the film’s thematics into their structures and the album’s cover; even dialogues are borrowed, with the most exciting being that young nanny’s pledge of allegiance, saying “Look at me, Damien! It’s all for you!” before jumping off a roof, hanging herself (still got the chills). Topi and Otyn’s latest effort works perfectly for both long devotees of the band and new fans; it totally makes your blood flow violently!