Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Country: Hellas
Label: 7Hard Records
Year: 2020

Today is a great day indeed! After 22 years of silence (discographically, because they have played live in between), we have the return of the veteran thrash/death metallers Piranha! After their first album “Reborn” from 1998, we have the band’s 2nd album, entitled “Arise from the Shadows”, a suitable title since it is something like a revival of the band. Let’s dive into it…

Let’s begin with the album’s production. Heavy guitars, clean production, I would prefer the bass just a little louder, but we have a rhythm section that kills. Of course skunk beats are very present, after all we are talking about a thrash metal band as their main genre, so it is imperative, but without becoming boring or monotonous. On the subject of drums, to be honest, the only thing that bothered me (but without considering it something that spoils the album)is the sound. They sound like they are not real drums, but it may be purely a matter of the album’s mixing and the triggers that have may be used. But even it is so, it doesn’t mean that it removes points from the album. It kicks ass either way. The vocals “spit” the lyrics properly in the right places and everything seems to be in place. What makes me especially happy is that there are a lot of melodic passages, with double guitar melodies and some orchestras, which give a very special and I would say beautiful atmosphere to the whole album. At this point it must be mentioned that in the album, we will also find 2 re-recordings of older tracks, Rotten Mind and Reborn, which were originally released on their first album in 1998, “Reborn”. I’m glad they didn’t just replayed them, but they arranged them from the beginning and the tracks show what they really are. Of course, this does not mean that the old ones lose their touch. When they were released they represented the band completely, but now they are played with the experience that the band now has.

Synthetically, you can expect, almost vicious thrash metal with heavy and brutal vocals. Why almost you ask? Because Piranha did not release an album that was the same from start to finish. They have the fast parts, they have the melodies, they have the outbursts and they also have the knowledge to tie them all together without making a mess of riffs and noise.

In conclusion, we have a strong comeback, which is definitely worth being listened to from fans of the genre and not only. I think that a heavy metal fan will be able to listen to it just as easy as a thrasher will. In addition, it is an opportunity, for the younger metalheads who have not been much in the older bands yet, to start learning about the bands that created this sound in Greece, sometime in the distant 80s and 90s.