Genre: Death Metal
Country: Greece
Label : Redefining Darkness Records(USA), Nuclear Winter Records/Martyrdoom Productions (EU)
Year: 2020

Well we have to clear that I don’t feel any kind of pride if a band that happens to come from Greece creates a killer album. Their work, their blood, their sweat,  their tears…I don’t see why I should feel proud of or why I’m responsible for something…but I’m, in a way, responsible to spread the world if a band or an album (no matter and wherever it comes from) that has the quality of Plague’s Portraits Of Mind. This album is astonishing. As early-Death and Massacre vibes shake and quake the listener while the riffs are flooding the room entering either with huge heavy steps or with fast violent guitars that seem like a colony of ants is spread in the walls. This is the debut album from the  Athenians, who formed Plague in 2011 and released their first work (the Abyssdiver EP) in 2014, again via Redefining Darkness Records that was also a salute to the early ’90s American Death Metal scene. Of course as Plague have the guts and the skills, they managed easily to filter their influences and even though it is absolutely obvious that it originates from another time it still sounds fresh and modern. But it’s not only the ghostly guitars that haunt you, it’s the whole aura of the album that surrounds and suffocates you. Excellent drumming and solid rhythm section while the vocals are brutal yet accessible and catchy. Portraits Of Mind deserves your attention as it features well written compositions, perfectly executed, while being equally ferocious and melodic staying loyal to its composers Death Metal principals (without sounding to repetitive or too “copypaste” as Gruesome) yet not too complicated for the listener and that thing makes this record so interesting and meritorious.