Genre: Heavy Rock
Country: Greece
Label: ihaveadrum Records
Year: 2016

We are in the beginning of Spring 2016 and rumors of a Guns n’ Roses reunion are spreading, rumors of Aerosmith breaking up, rumors of Brian Johnson being kicked out of AC/DC, rumors that Metallica are in the studio….rumors (great album by Fleetwood Mac by the way)… rumors… rumors…but who really gives a fuck? I don’t give a fuck. There’s a new Planet of Zeus album out babies and sugars, ladies and gentlemen, and motherfuckers everywhere!!

Hard work and talent have placed Planet of Zeus to the pantheon of global heavy rock. Their discography so far is almost flawless and Loyal to the Pack can look their previous albums straight in the eyes with southern comfort and say fuck you. This is something not to overlook.  It’s way better than Vigilante, more mature than Eleven the Hard Way and perhaps more complete than Macho Libre which is so far my favourite one from these dudes. The joint live gigs with the strange cousins from the West must have influenced Babis of Zeus to focus more on clean vocals and he has done such a great work to the point that you really don’t miss his growls (how can that be even possible?!…but it is). Without having access to more info on the album other than the tracks, I have a feeling that the contribution of Night Knight to the band this time was colossal, but I might be mistaken.

To explain how Loyal to the sixPack sounds in layman’s terms, I would say: It’s a monolithic baby crossing California in a chevy with a new clutch while listening to John Lee Hooker, going to find Brant Bjork and attend together the last gig of Grand Funk Railroad.

Songs of the month independent of genre or style: Indian red, Your love makes me wanna hurt myself, White Shroud.