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On November 29th internationally, comrades Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions will simultaneously release split EPs from Belgian black/death masters Possession, both on CD and 12″ vinyl formats: Invictus will release Passio Christi Part I / (Beyond the) Witch’s Spell with America’s Spite, while Iron Bonehead will release Passio Christi Part II / Necrophagous Abandon with France’s Venefixion.

Tracklisting for Passio Christi Part I / (Beyond the) Witch’s Spell
1. Possession – Intro
2. Possession – INRI
3. Possession – Temptatio
4. Spite – Beyond the Witch’s Spell
5. Spite – Cruel Creator [Manitú cover]

Tracklisting for Passio Christi Part II / Necrophagous Abandon
1. Possession – Intro
2. Possession – Crux Immissa
3. Possession – Stabat Mater
4. Venefixion – Egregore
5. Venefixion – Necrophagous Abandon
6. Venefixion – Ripped From The Cross