Genre: Sludge/Doom
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Relapse Records
Year : 2017

Primitive man is a Sludge/Doom band from the U.S. which I hadn’t heard of before, but one that has built a following during the past few years. Their second full length album, called Caustic, was released a few weeks back through Relapse Records and it’s my first touch with this band, so let’s dive right into the experience! The album starts with the song “My Will”, and it pretty much lets you know what this release is all about. Slow, heavy, crushing riffs, complemented by punishing drum beats and low growling vocals. The atmosphere is downright heavy as fudge. It’s like being in the bottom of a hole full of decomposing bodies and trying to drag yourself to the surface. The tracks here work more as the different sides of the same coin rather than different chapters. There are no shifts in the mood whatsoever, no room for breathing, just pure and utter nihilism for about 75 minutes, which end with the track “Absolutes”. If you’re here trying to find anything other than some of the heaviest pieces Doom has to offer, look elsewhere, this is not a safe place to be. It’s definitely not the album you’d listen to have fun to, there’s none of it here. However if you’re looking for the essence of nihilism and misanthropy in music you are in the right place indeed. It is a very challenging album to listen to, especially in one go, and that’s due to the extreme heaviness of the music. It’s an amazing piece of art, but it’s definitely not for everyone.