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Genre: Doom Metal
Country: Chile
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2017

Time flies so fast at it seems like yesterday when we were discussing over this Chilean band entitled Procession, considering them as a case of a very promising band for the doom metal subgenre. We are talking about 10 years ago. Now the band just launched their third full length album, while managed to become a decent, hard working band in our minds, apart from their massive talent. With their slow-tempo, massive, pitch dark doom metal widespread on massive riffs, enchanting vocals and subminal references to classic heavy metal, they managed to raise their own bar. All those elements do exist on their 3rd album as well, but with a proclivity towards classic Heavy Metal. Higher speed volumes, galloping riffs and an oldschool approach to their vocals, not at all pretentious. All of these come along with the classic Procession-like doom metal, coming straight from the glorious Candlemass era of 1987-1989 – and ok I know that there’s no need to mention the albums that came out back then. The remarkable thing here is that the band’s godfather, Felipe Plaza Kutzbach (guitar and vocals), is still depositing his soul. He composes and performs each piece in such a way that you can clearly understand that the only thing that leads him is his passion for Metal. This passion is passed onto the band and straight to their fans through their work. I don’t know if this is the band’s best album so far, it’s definitely an honest, powerful and straight-from-the-heart record from a passionate band. Give it the chance it deserves.