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Genre: Extreme Hardcore
Country: Greece
Label: Secret Port Records & Angry Owl Records
Release: November 2020


Many times, during discussions among peers or while reading various reviews of musical content, wanting to describe an album or a band, we resort to the reference of the musical idioms said album or band are characterized by or pinpoint what we’re listening to in an emblematic scene, using it as an umbrella, in order to delimit somewhat the context. In the case of Psycorepaths, of course, this is not so necessary, since the band itself is an emblematic figure in the Extreme Hardcore scene, while at the same time it established the Northwest Extreme Music Scene in 2004. The band returned to discography last November, offering to both new and senior listeners a quite heavy and aggressive album. Their second full-length, entitled “The Northwest Revenant” (which also serves as a reminder of the aforementioned scene) doesn’t move away from the musical mentality on which the band is based, but building on it and presenting evolutionary trends in terms of song compositions.  Structurally, the album applies to a metallic hardcore format, in which various branches of the extreme sound have been mixed, as we can distinguish elements from Death Metal, Breakdown Hardcore, and even riffs that can be played in Black Metal tracks, such as the introductory track “Cursing Psalms” with its eerie and creepy samples. I know what I’m saying seems to be far-fetched, but if you carefully listen to it at some point, the black elements will hit you hard. The feelings of frustration and anger that I mostly see in the band’s lyrics, I can safely say that they are eloquently translated in the compositional part. At one point I would say that there is a sense of intimacy, since let’s face it, the pandemic has caused some anger to build up, so the lyrical and compositional aggression of Psycorepaths acts as a lever of decompression for the listener. “The Northwest Revenant” is one of the most remarkable records that came out during the pandemic, necessary for fans of extreme sound, while its dynamics urge you to crank the volume up. The song “World Domination” is definitely standing out For sure, “The Northwest Revenant” is the band’s best effort to date.