Genre: Progressive
Country: Greece
Label: Steel Gallery records
Year: 2014

The next best thing coming from Greece and dedicated to Prog/Power Metal. Without exaggeration, the debut album by Psycrence is a masterpiece and it will pleasantly surprise the fans of the genre. Their sound is heavily influenced by Evergrey and Symphony X, combining many elements of Dream Theater, Nevermore, Soilwork and Scar Symmetry. With this release they can easily reach the top of this year.

The cover artwork has been handled by Colin Marks (Scar Symmetry, Nevermore, Jeff Loomis, Exodus). Excellent production quality, with the mastering done by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Soilwork, Symphony X). Beautiful melodies and solos, excellent technique, with big highlight Takis Nikolakakis’ vocal delivery, who is doing a great job here, reminding Geoff Tate. Highlights of the album: ‘Forced Evolution’, ‘Reflection’, ‘Hold Close To The Flame’ and the wonderful cover on Ellie Goulding’s ‘Lights’.

For the fans of prog/power, ‘A Frail Deception’ is going to be, for sure, an excellent addition for their collection. The future belongs to them.