Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Rush of Power Records
Year: 2017

Pulsars are neutron stars with a powerful magnetic field, spinning very fast and they are one type of pulsating radio stars, meaning celestial objects that emit detectable electromagnetic radiation at the wavelength of microwaves. Pulsars form from the collapse of a normal star. Norwegian Pulsar though, despite the important background of each member, does not stand as a product of saturation of their previous bands, after all they don’t consider themselves as (rock)- stars, even though all five of them are also members of Condor, Purple Hill Witch and Deathhammer. Straight to the point, what we got here is three flawless heavy metal tracks influenced by Angel Witch, Heavy Load, Agent Steel and Gotham City, plus tones of N.W.O.B.H.M. too, Pulsar released the demo of the year quite early in 2017. The characteristic voice of Kristian Ingvaldsen brings the cult aesthetic in mind and reminds –beyond the obviously this year’s Celestial Cemetery by Purple Hill Witch of course- of the vocals of Wizard’s Spell by Black Magic. Lyrically, they move towards darker paths with obvious sci-fi subjects, something between Star Wars-themes and Hawkwind space traveller-like without the psychedelic factor. All three tracks are full of great riffs, many changes in tempo and speed and they are full of emotions, binding well with the unaltered sound and production. For further enjoyment and pleasure of each freak out there, the demo is only available on cassette format by Rush of Power Records, label of Jonas, bassist of Norwegian hard rock / heavy metal Flight.