Genre: Black / Death Metal
Country: United States
Label: Godz Ov War
Year: 2016

The Extreme Metal Underground has been flourishing the past few years and the bands formed are thriving, since this specific crowd is still supporting its favourite (old and new) bands financially, by buying their merch and psychologically, since it’s exhilarating for the bands to realize they’re doing something right. Staying in this field, yet another gem surfaced last year, named Pyromancer, however I missed it for some reason. Finally, I managed to lay my hands on the band’s CD “Demo XXMV”, which came out via Godz Ov War in March.

Pyromancer’s “Demo XXMV” is their first release ever, nonetheless it’s one of the filthiest releases this year (initially it came out via Grim Winds Records last June in cassette format, though I got it as a CD which was released via Godz Of War this March). The band comes from Kentucky and is consisted of two members, Master of Graveyard Torment on drums and Conqueror Horus on guitars. Putrid chords, full of hatred vocals and devastating drum patterns; everything that’s needed to make metal extreme is here. If I could compare Pyromancer to other bands, I could say they reminded me of Diocletian (during their slower parts) and the Canadians Revenge (during their faster parts).

Pyromancer’s sound is raw, primitive, soul – crushing; aggressive to the point of asphyxiation. Detestation towards humanity and sinister emotions are the most characteristic features of the “Demo XXMV” CD. Fun fact is that there’s no bass player in the band and that both of the band’s members have recorded the vocals; Master of Graveyard Torment had the high pitched vocals, while Conqueror Horus handles the growls and the low pitched vocals in general.

Even though the tracks and the overall sensation for that matter may sound / seem chaotic, there’s an underlining yet concrete technicality, that along with the dark atmosphere and the rough / filthy mixing and mastering, produce a sick result that’s actually addictive. Pyromancer’s music isn’t that innovative; it’s not disappointing either. What I’m trying to say is that, obviously the band’s influences are evident and easily – heard, though Pyromancer have filtered those influences and recycled them, forming something uniquely special.

This noise bomb will by fully appreciated only by the devotees of chaotic Black / Death Metal, whose ears have been trained over the years. I don’t know if “Demo XXMV” can be easily processed by everyone; however that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try.