German Rage (a.k.a. Avenger) sign a record deal with Pure Steel Records and plan to re release material even from the prime years of the band, when they were still called Avenger. More specifically, the record company plans on releasing the following

Depraved To Black“, Prayers Of Steel“,

“Reign Of Fear”, “Execution Guaranteed”, “Perfect Man”, “Invisible Horizons”, “Secrets In A Weird World”, “Reflections Of a Shadow”, “Extended Power”, “Trapped!”, “Beyond The Wall”, “The Missing Link”, “Refuge”, “10 Years In Rage: The Anniversary Album”, “Unity”, “Soundchaser” and “From The Cradle To The Stage”.

The company will start by releasing the Depraved to Black EP along with a double Prayers Of Steel disc. Also, a box of the entire Avenger material will be available.

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