Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Country: Belgium
Label: Blood & Iron Records/Lost Realm Records
Year: 1993,1997, 2016

After Stefaan Lambrecht left Axel (July 1990), the Belgian guitar player didn’t sit still. He created Ramses with the help of Marc Van Den Bremt and drummer Jochen De Craene. Later on Hans De Bruck and Singer Meutter were added, while the addition of Kurt Verschelden (ex-Hellfire) in 1992 as singer completed the line up, but it took them a lot of time to find a contract and release their work. A very well crafted, full of melodies, catchy guitars and choruses easy to remember work I have to say. Exactly what it needed to have in order not to be released in 1993, where hard rock/heavy metal was not exactly in its golden years even in countries that 3 or 4 years before it was at its peak, even more in Belgium. Entitled “Faith In Rebirth” and with a rather bad cover their first record was released through a small Belgian label (In Pinball Projects / Eye Line) with limited distribution and it is hard to find nowadays. Bad as untasteful as the cover is, the better the music the album is made of is.

Ramses – Faith in Rebirth

There is this American feel everywhere in there, a characteristic raspy voice and sharp guitars making the outcome sounding like a more metal version of Aerosmith, harder Pretty Maids, a bit of Tesla, while they also bring me in mind Seattle hard rockers War Babies. Yes, there is some kind of poseur aura in the songs, but in the sense of them being potential hits, not anything disgraceful. And it is not that easy to write hits like that… we shouldn’t level everything. The production has character since Peter De Wint (Crossfire, Ostrogoth) was responsible for it, and we shouldn’t forget that the album is even and it can be listened to with satisfaction in its entirety. One of the big advantages of this album is the essence of the 80’s that it carries as far as songwriting approach is concerned, which flirts with arena rock, but does not become AOR or poppy. The lyrics are not only about ancient Egypt although this is the predominant theme, something that is not bothering at all, on the contrary. “Keep The Rock”, “Ramses”, “Bloodstone”, “No Woman To Trust” are songs that could be distinguished. The collection comes with a 12page booklet with pictures, lyrics and info about the band and beyond the 11 songs of “Faith In Rebirth” you can find the unreleased EP entitled “Secrets” that was recorded in 1997, in which oriental melodies are the main thing and again the lyrics are about ancient Egypt, this time exclusively. And at that point the personalities of Stefaan Lambrecht and Kurt Verschelden clashed so hard, that Ramses just broke up ingloriously.