Genre: Speed Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Spinefarm Records
Year: 2016

Checking the cover gave me a pretty good impression ‘bout what I was about to listen to. And, yep, I was right. Canadian school Speed Metal (if I may say so) given the Finnish way. Well, not only Canadian (come on, it’s Exciter I’m referring to, you know that) as there is a lot of dual guitar work reminding of old Iron Maiden plus some riffing that will spark memories of some good ol’ British Heavy Metal. These guys must be friends with the other Finnish act “Stalker” ‘cause I think the song “Satanic Panic” is not a mere coincidence (“Satanic Panic” is the title of Stalker’s demo). Let along that they definitely dig Slayer’s “Black Magic” a lot as the intro is identical.

So, what do we have here? Cool guitar work, that’s for sure. The vocals will remind you acts like Iron Angel and new bands like Vulture or Evil Invaders (although not that highly pitched but definitely more convincing). Needless to say the tempo of most of the songs is fast. The riffs will remind you of bands like Exciter (mostly), Judas Priest (on fat forward), Hallow’s Eve etc etc. Any memorable songs? Well, only time will tell but I don’t think so. The chorus of “Without A Warning” is cool but I don’t think the same for the rest of the composition. I think “Last Breath” is a cool song over all and is the stand out of the album. It’s so close to be considered as a “classic” tune but I feel that it lacks that “something” that will elevate it to the “memorable” level. Actually this is the general impression I get from the album. Not bad for sure. I think that devoted Speed Metal freaks will find their “poison” in a couple of tunes (or maybe more) although I really doubt it will last the test of time.