Genre: Blackened Thrash
Country: Greece
Label: Metal Blade
Year: 2016

Five years after the release of the magnum opus “Morbid Blood”, the Black / Thrash beast from Athens, the mighty Ravencult, return with “Force of Profanation”, and bash our heads in with its sheer power and pure evil feeling.  At a time when an overwhelming percentage of Black Metal bands is trying to become more experimental (that is fashionable) or dive their hands in the cauldron with the honey of Orthodox Black Metal (well, of course there are brilliant exceptions within this movement), Ravencult write music that comes from the dark depths of their souls, offering a fist of fury that serves as a reality restoration.

Ravencult’s third full length album proves that time is really good ally and that the band deserved the trust we’ve been showing all those years.  Just like a good wine, Ravencult seem more confident than ever and more mature than ever. They have managed to make several steps forward, pushing themselves to the limit. “Force of Profanation” is a manifest of the personal / group and musical growth of the band. Ravencult isn’t and never was one of “those” bands. They are who they are, and you can suck their dicks. The album is filled with an uncontrollable energy, with guitars that melt the mind. Gripping riffs succeeding one another. Amazingly well written structures, with the guitars being embraced beautifully by riveting drums, while the bass gives the appropriate depth and the vocals take your breath away. Ecstatic outbursts, with sonic blasts that leave you speechless. The music of “Force of Profanation” is wild, violent, uncompromising. Ravencult look straight in the eyes of behemoths of the genre and leave their mark upon the casebook of the best music productions of all time.

With closed eyes, this is one of the best releases for 2016, and clearly the best release of Ravencult so far. If the band has reached this level of awesomeness, what will their next album hold for us? Will it come with an invitation for the lux suite at the best mental institution of the state? It makes no sense to keep writing for hours and analyze the record, it is useless. Just hit ‘play’ and let “Force of Profanation” conquer you.