Genre: Hardcore Punk
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Toxic Shock
Year: 1985

Here is another case of imitators of American hardcore, who in particular have Italian roots, then (marginally) migrated to America for periods in order to make lives, when this was appreciated and not only. Being a rather obscure band playing punk, outside the circle and the place of developments, it all probably ends up in ‘Screams From Τhe Gutter, with the surrounding atmosphere and the characteristic aesthetics to testify to this. Teenage, extremely energetic complexion and style, continue to this day to make records equally good and faithful to the recipe of the said, with which they made the BAM. They had even played here some years ago, mainly from this album, justifiably so to supplement, and more new stuff, but indeed here was the juice. Which is naturally nihilistic, melodious sometimes, generally all around-fun and highly danceable, not at all a guilty pleasure, your grandmother may like it as well, all jokes aside.