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A few days ago I visited Myrkur’s official facebook page and read her post stating that she will no longer receive any private messages from her fans because she was receiving a big amount of hate mail and death threats. Of course, all these happen because she is part of the metal genre and specifically the black metal genre.

I’m sure that a lot of you already started saying “Oh, a feminist is in da house” because, let’s face it, we really do love calling names, as men are called manists when they speak up about male problems… eh, right? My dear boys and girls buckle up, get a coffee or even some alcohol (if you can’t face the truth) because we are about to start our journey to the funny, and tragic at the same time, metal sexism.

NightwishUnfortunately women in metal are not welcomed and let’s begin from the so hateful and terrible label “Female Fronted”. I mean, there should be other labels for everybody like “Gay male fronted” or “Fascist male Fronted” (now that I am thinking it better for the latter, we should definitely put this label, to keep away from these assholes). Another problem is that women are accepted only in one genre and that is the symphonic power metal ladies and gentlemen, as you all might have guessed, these are the only bands that actually want them, and let me make myself clear discrimination doesn’t only derive from men but also from women. I don’t know about you, but I think that Jill Janus has much bigger cojones (pardon my language) than many male fronted bands and their singers.

A study made by University of Leeds over gender, race and class, suggests that folk metal, through its lyrics and stage clothes -centered on myths of warriors-, preserves an old-fashioned power structure where white, male Europeans are superior. Is there anybody that didn’t imagine himself wearing a furry thingy (you know what I’m talking about, you Manowar boys), with a long red beard and two women with big breasts touching your huge…quadriceps, begging for some love and great sex from you and even engaging in lesbian sex just for you…(Oh…my…God….).


I know it sounds ridiculous and I am aware we all know a few of these guys (ok a lot of these guys) that in real life don’t even remarkably touch this image of “masculinity” (but phantasies are phantasies), but just think how many times in an interview with a male singer was there any question regarding his feelings about being the hottest man -because you know there is always a question like that when people interview a female singer- and even using the word Hot Chick. There is an award for that every year. In how many male singers have they thought or even asked how come such a delicate creature has such a voice, even when the male singer is short (I mean really short) and thin. However the expression that does it for me is “She is great…for a woman”.

I saved for last the clothing issue, which for some particular reason it involves small crop tops in black color – ofdio-b-w course – with studs, leggings with a bullet belt like we are ready to enter to a war zone or small little skirts, because if you are not dressed like that, you are probably in this metal bar because your boyfriend brought you there… you couldn’t possibly be listening to metal music….right? What I’m trying to say is that the whole dressing code wasn’t really a women’s choice that live and breathe for metal music (just as you boys….yeah, that’s right) but by the dominant males. You searched for approval so that you can join the gang, and you know, they can even grip your ass, because, if you are listening to metal and you are a woman, you are probably in love with some band member -either the singer or the guitarist- and you can even be a groupie as far as they know or, even worse, your boyfriend taught you how to listen to metal….there is no way you could know Havukruunu exist or Dying Fetus…

Returning to our subject about Myrkur – the only thing that must really concern you as a black metal fan is whether you really enjoy her music or you should have better listened to another artist. Whether she is a female artist or not shouldn’t be an issue, that big one to give you the right to send hate mails or a death threat. All this time you wasted thinking and sending this message you could have found a better album to check.

I know that some of you have noticed you can no longer send me private messages. The reason for this is I am getting…

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