Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Sepulchral Voice Records
Year: 2021

Swedish Blackened Death Metallers Reveal!are back with their 4th album “Doppelherz” (German for Double Heart)that it will be out via Sepulchral Voice Records on December 10th. If you can’t stand confusing instrumentation, maniac blast beats, eccentric lyrics, noise rock blended influences, strong and definitely dark personalities that flirt equally with madness and genius, lunatic rhythms, demonic howls and screams, bleeding guitars full of reverb and melancholy and bottomless sorrow then the psychedelic jazz fusion black/death metal of Reveal!, is impossible to become your cup of tea. A band that is a kind of its own; that avoids acting inside the box not just jumping out of it but actually tearing it apart, is not the usual progressive extreme band that you keep their albums in your discotheque. And “Doppelherz” is not a typical album not even for these freaks. Violent and peculiar it blends several sub genres not just for the sake of it but mostly as the only way for the compositions to breathe as the atmosphere is suffocating and purely ferocious. Pure unpredictable higher Art…challenging, uncompromising, cinematic, addictive…Only the brave and the fanatics can be intrigued and satisfied from albums like “Doppelherz” or worshippers of The Birthday Party and other ‘80s Australian contemporaries on to the “pigfuck” movement of Big Black, Scratch Acid, Killdozer, and early Pussy Galore… You know who you are. You know what to do!