Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Sepulchral Voice Records
Year: 2016 

Reveal presented themselves in 2011, playing an interesting mixture of Black / Thrash / Heavy Metal music in their debut ‘Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth’, which came out that same year via High Roller Records in vinyl format (while the next year the record was released in CD format via Invictvs Productions). At that point we were dealing with a decent album, with influences of Tormentor and even Mortuary Drape could easily be spotted (an excellent group and Walter Maini a true noble) amidst their eccentric sound. Nonetheless, this time things still sound peculiar but can hardly be classified or put behind signs. Five years have already passed after all, and quite a lot of things have changed in the minds and lives of the members of Reveal. The aforementioned members, is quite known to the masses, that they have played a part in the legacy of bands like Watain, Degial, In Solitude, No Future, and it makes sense to listen to ‘Flystrips’ that black metal – occult aura of the early, death metal edition of Watain as defined via their brothers Degial, that ceremonial mourning translated into the music of In Solitude and especially the eerie pessimism of No Future. Musically speaking, their basis is the punk as played by The Germs that has influenced numerous acts throughout the years and the nihilistic approach of the legend GG Allin through a mixture of black / death riffs that shape the final result quite repugnant for the average listener. Cool album, introverted, with a Norwegian essence attached to it (that of Darkthrone, Obliteration, up to Mayhem). I can distinguish some traces of VoiVod and Antaeus and there is no point in arraying everything that comes to my mind, so check those guys and you’ll discover a remarkable album that if I could lay my fingers on it earlier, it would actually have a chance of standing among the best releases of the year that has just passed.